Essex Belongs To Us first draft

Heather by Derek 030

Heather Reyes




Malcolm Burgess

Essex Belongs To Us is a creative writing project running from 2016-207 funded by the Arts Council and working with a wide range of Essex partners from libraries and the Essex Diversity Project to the Essex Book Festival. Brentwood-based Heather Reyes and Malcolm Burgess are the project managers. Both have wide experience in writing and publishing and are the publishers of Oxygen Books, whose books include the city-pick urban travel guide series.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Supposing one has written a short article that might be relevant, what does one do next?

  2. please email me, heather, as i cannot get onto your site. Thank you
    helen Golden (Essex writer) I have an enquiry.

  3. Hi I have two stories I would like you to consider,how do I get them to you,
    Regards,Brian Rudge

  4. Many Thanks Malcolm for including my writing in the forthcoming Essex Belongs To Us.It was clearly a nice Christmas present and I look forward to seeing it in print,should you require my address etc please contact me asap.Sincerely Robert James Bridge.

  5. I had an article published in “Essex Belongs to Us”, as launched at the book festival at Chelmsford on 18th March 2017. Everything I sent to the organisers had my full name clearly written on it, including the article itself, but the standard of proofreading was obviously pretty dire, as my last name was printed as ‘Miles’ rather than ‘Mills’!. Hardly a difficult name, is it? And only a cursory “sorry” when I pointed it out. Memo to the organisers: either get some decent proof-readers next time, or send the article to the author pre-publication, so that they can proofread it properly for you. Note: 3 weeks after the book’s launch, and I am still waiting for an Errata Notice to be sent to me, as promised in writing by Malcolm Burgess.

  6. I will like to join this writer’s circle, that if there is room for it. I have tried searching for any means to do so here without success. I hope anyone here’ll help out.

    You reach me through my email- fitilaariajia@gmail.com



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